Tojiro Shippu Black Knife Series – Tougher, Better, Sexier

Tojiro Shippu Black Knife Series – Tougher, Better, Sexier

The Tojiro Shippu Black knife series is a significant improvement on the current popular Shippu knife series. It is easily recognizable from its black look handle and blade. If you have a Tojiro Shippu Black at hand, you will notice that the blade boasts VG-10 steel, which is corrosion-resistant.

What is the Difference between Tojiro Shippu Black  and Other Knives?

The additional black iron oxide used in the forging of these knives promotes performance and durability. The handle comprises chestnut wood with a black synthetic bolster. When you buy a Tojiro Shippu Black, you will search no more.

How good are Tojiro Shippu Black Knives?

The Shippu Black series sells the most around the world. These knives are designed for versatility, easy handling, and durability. If you find that your current knife sets are too demanding when it comes to maintenance, the Tojiro Shippu Black could be just what you need.

For this series, the design is a harmonious fusion of Japanese and European kitchen knife styles. It has a 63 Damascus layered blade of steel reinforced with a VG-10 core (HRC 60 +/- 1).

Knives in these series are tougher than those of the Shippu series. They are black and beautiful. Blades are forged black to highlight well splendid patterns. A sleek chestnut wood handle adds to the allure of the Tojiro Shippu Black knives.

Tojiro Shippu Black

What are the Features of the Tojiro Shippu Black Blade?

All of the Shippu Black knives feature the popular Damascus stainless steel. This is fundamentally two different patterns of steel welded together, producing incredible structural and aesthetic results.

In any Damascus steel knife, you will notice a wavy or watery dark pattern on the surface of the metal. The Tojiro Shippu Black knives can retain a keen edge and save you from frequent sharpening because of the Damascus steel.

The blades are hard but flexible. They can slice and chop through thick meats and vegetables and maneuver on bones' contours with unbelievable ease.  

What is the Advantage of the Shippu Black?

The core steel of a Tojiro Shippu Black is exposed on the edge of the blade. This is what does the work in slicing, chopping, and dicing. This core, as hinted before, is a formidable steel alloy VG10. The latter is tough Japanese cutlery steel known for its hardness and high cobalt content, promoting durability in all its use cases.

And also, the high carbon content of VG10 helps the knives to stay sharper for longer. Masterful Japanese artisans have sharpened each knife in the Tojiro Shippu Black series. The edge is angled at 15 degrees which improves cutting agility and ease of sharpening/ honing.

Tojiro Shippu Black

How comfortable is The Tojiro Shippu Black Wooden Handle?

Shippu Black's handle gives the feel of a warm and agreeable hold that gives the wood. It comprises chestnut wood, a hardwood that is sturdy both in constant and hard use, just as in its contact with wetness, food, and kitchen materials.

The round design makes the blade easy to maneuver from each point. You can use the sharp cutting edge at whatever angle you need. The wooden handle fits square with the metal of the sharp edge and attaches to it with resin.

These chestnut handles are fire-hardened and reinforced with extra-sturdy resin ferrules. The design compliments the darkened sharp edges. The wood is beautified and protected with a transparent stain to enhance its water-resistance.

Tojiro Shippu Black

Why is the Tojiro Shippu Black Popular in Australia?

The Tojiro Shippu Black knives are made in Japanese in the same manner of perfection and dedication as samurai blades. Today, the Tojiro knife making tradition in Japan is modernized and driven by cutting edge technology in machining and metal alloys.

Tojiro's unique and patented DP (Decarburization Prevention) technique reduces the fatigue life of the blades. The DP manufacturing process improves the strength and ductility of the knives and reduces susceptibility to cracking.

Which are the Best Tojiro Shippu Black Knives?

You can buy a Tojiro Shippu Black chef knife, utility knife, paring knife, or santoku knife depending on the cutting tasks you wish to optimize. Or you can buy a full set of Tojiro Shippu Black kitchen knives for seamless coordination in the kitchen.

Tojiro Zen Black Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

Tojiro Zen Black Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

Tojiro Nakiri Knife features Damascus steel and chestnut handle with the granular metallic arrangement, ideal for chopping vegetables.

This Nakiri Knife is the vegetable blade in the Japanese culinary scene. Notwithstanding its trademark vertical nose, the straight edge works well so you can cut veggies in a single movement.

The knife's length is ideal for cutting even on the kitchen table and other areas with limited space. This knife is lightweight and balances effortlessly.

Tojiro Zen Black Santoku Knife 16.5cmTojiro Zen Black Santoku Knife 16.5cm

You can use these knives for dicing, slicing, and mincing. It's an extraordinary, universally handy blade. It is modest, more slender, and lighter, and more agreeable for individuals with small hands. It allows you to cut food with minimal hand strain.

The blades have the typical Damascus and VG 10 steel. The blade's characteristic dark pattern is beguiling, and the chestnut wooden handle is cream and splendid. This santoku knife blends traditional Japanese craftsmanship with high innovation.

Tojiro Zen Black Paring Knife 13cm

Tojiro Zen Black Paring Knife 13cm

A multi-functional blade intended to perform well at various tasks. Utilized for mincing, cutting meat, slashing vegetables, and disjointing massive cuts. An indispensable tool to have in any kitchen.

Its small blade with a straight edge cutting edge is ideal for peeling fruits and chopping garlic, and cutting the dough into shapes. The blade is flexible and one of the most efficient in the kitchen.

What is the Best Care Routine for Tojiro Shippu Black?

  • Try not to wash in the dishwasher, as this may cause deterioration of the sharp edges
  • Wash in warm water and dry completely
  • Store in a dry area to prevent rusting
  • If you plan not to use the knives for a long time, envelop them in a dry fabric or paper and store them in a dry place.

How Often Should You Sharpen a Tojiro Shippu Black?

Sharpen and hone the knives as regular as you use them. Tojiro Shippu Black knives can retain their edge for a long time, but the more you use them, the more they'll need to be sharpened. Coating the blades with camellia oil can also help with durability and performance.

Final Words

Tojiro Shippu Black is an excellent quality line of kitchen knives from Tojiro, a world-famous knife brand. Check out our wide collection of products from Tojiro by clicking here!

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