Japanese Chef Knives: What You Should Know and Brands to Consider Purchasing

The popularity of Japanese knives continues to grow among home cooks and professional cooks. They are high-quality, gentle on the hands, and come in different types for various cutting tasks. They also have a lasting edge to save you from regular sharpening. Your kitchen can use Japanese knives, as they provide a different experience during meal preparation. Are you looking into Japanese chef knives? Below is a guide on this type of knife, including brands to consider buying for your kitchen.

What Japanese Knives Do Professional Chefs Use?

Any chef knife performs various cutting tasks, allowing users to prepare different dishes. It is used for cutting meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Apart from Japanese chef knives, professional chefs use other Japanese knives. They include Santoku, Yanagiba, Deba, Nakiri, and Sashimi knives. A Santoku knife is a multipurpose blade for slicing, chopping, and dicing foods. It is usually shorter than a chef’s knife, with a 5-7 inches blade length.

Nakiri knives are used for cutting and peeling vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, while Deba knives are for filleting fish. You can also use a Deba knife to cut meat and poultry with small bones. 

Chefs who prepare sashimi need a quality sashimi knife. It allows smooth cutting of the delicacy, providing a nice texture and wonderful food presentation. The petty knife is another Japanese knife chefs can use. It is also called a utility knife. It is used for small precision jobs like peeling, slicing, and trimming small vegetables and fruits.

If you are preparing decorative foods, the petty knife enables you to make lovely shapes on vegetables and fruits. The Japanese Yanagiba knife is used for skinning fish and slicing boneless fish for sashimi and sushi. It has a narrow, long blade that cuts easily through fish.

Are Japanese Chef Knives Worth It?

Japanese chef knives are worth trying. They are lighter than western-style chef knives, reducing hand fatigue. They are extremely sharp and allow you to cut foods more effortlessly. They do not need frequent re-sharpening. A Japanese chef knife is thin and delicate, enabling you to make clean, precise cuts that preserve the flavor of ingredients.  The thin blade glides through fish, meat, and vegetables easily to give you an easy time in the kitchen.

Moreover, the knife is made from high-quality materials to give you value for your money. It is hand-made for enhanced quality and uniqueness. Manufacturers also utilize reinforced steel to ensure a longer-lasting edge. Japanese chef knives feature lovely designs, with blades and handles looking spectacular. You get to prepare meals in style and keep your kitchen looking elegant.

How Much Should I Spend on a Japanese Knife?

Japanese knives differ in price depending on the type of blade you are buying and the brand.  Ensure you buy knives from reputable brands popular for providing high-quality blades with superior performance and durability.

Check the material a manufacturer utilizes for edge retention and longevity purposes. A good Japanese knife is also ergonomic and has a proper balance to ensure safety and comfort in the kitchen.

The price of a Japanese knife can range from $25 to over $900. You can get a brand that fits your budget and begin to enjoy the difference that Japanese knives offer during meal preparation.

What Is The Most Popular Chef Knife Size?

Chef knives differ in blade lengths. The most popular chef knife size is the 8-inch (21cm). Professional chefs and serious amateurs can use chef knives ranging from 9-11 inches (24-27cm), while home cooks are good with 7–8-inch (18-21cm) chef knives.

What is vital is getting a chef knife that is high-quality, well-made, durable, and well-balanced. The Japanese chef knife is thin and lightweight, allowing you to maneuver through food with ease. Use it to cut meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

The Best Japanese Knives to Consider: Our Favorites

The market has a wide range of Japanese chef knives to consider purchasing. Here is a review of some of our favorite choices.

1.  Tojiro Pro Flash Chef Knife 24cm

The Tojiro Pro Flash 24cm Chef knife is a stunning blade that does a wonderful job chopping, slicing, and mincing food. It offers razor-sharp cutting performance and has premium hardness to ensure knife sturdiness and durability.

Tojiro utilizes high-quality steel with 63 layers of Damascus steel to make the blade, which has a marvelous hand-polished finish. The blade has VG-10 steel at the core, a material that fosters knife sharpness, hardness, and flexibility.

The 24cm Tojiro knife also has a comfortable, well-balanced handle for enjoyable, frustration-free meal preparation. It fits nicely in hands for smooth cutting experiences in every kitchen. You get to make various dishes in style with an extremely sharp blade that cuts through foods swiftly. Tojiro is also a reputable brand that provides high-quality knives for chefs and home cooking. 

 Tojiro Pro Flash Chef Knife 24cm

2.  Miyabi  5000FCD Chef Knife 24cm

Miyabi offers long and shorter chef knives. The 24cm chef knife has a high Rockwell hardness rating like other Miyabi knives, ensuring durability and sturdiness when cutting different foods. It does a wonderful job chopping, slicing, and mincing ingredients, giving you a smooth experience preparing meals.

It has a Pakkawood handle that looks stunning, along with the hand-finished blade, which has a lovely damask pattern. Its full tang design ensures lasting use, and food particles have nowhere to hide. The knife has an excellent balance and premium sharpness that cuts through foods swiftly. It is durable with a lasting edge that fosters efficiency in the kitchen. Miyabi also provides a 20cm 5000FCD chef knife.

Miyabi 5000FCD Chef Knife 24cm

3.  Shun Kai Kanso Chef Knife 20cm

Shun Kai is another knife brand that provides the best Japanese chef knives. It offers an elegant 20cm chef knife for chopping, slicing, and mincing tasks. It is easy to utilize and gives you an easy time preparing proteins, fruits, and vegetables. It allows gently rocking and push cuts to enhance your experience in the kitchen. Mincing herbs and spices with this Kanso chef knife is a breeze.

It has a tagayasan wood handle with slight contouring that provides a proper grip when cutting food. The knife is also hand-sharpened and has a double-bevel design. Its lovely finish conceals scratches nicely to keep the blade looking gorgeous.

The manufacturer utilizes high-carbon stainless steel in making the knife, which has a sharp edge for top performance. Moreover, the full-tang structure ensures balance, easy control when cutting foods, and knife strength.

Shun Kai Kanso Chef Knife 20cm

4.  Musashi Silver Steel Rosewood Chef Knife 21cm

The Musashi Silver Steel 21cm Chef Knife is a blade to consider having in your kitchen. It allows you to prepare various foods easily. It has a double-edged, non-slip blade that is razor-sharp to cut finely through different ingredients. The knife consists of strengthened steel and has a nashiji finish that gives it a rustic look. It is handmade, durable, and polished to ensure you get a knife worth your money.

The handle is sturdy with a luxurious feel. It also provides an easy grip that prevents fatigue even after hours of cutting different foods. The knife fits comfortably in the hand, providing balance and stability. Whether you are disjointing large food cuts, slicing meat, or chopping vegetables, this blade is great at that. Musashi also offers it in a 24cm blade length option if you need a longer chef knife.

Musashi Silver Steel Rosewood Chef Knife 21cm

5.  Shun Kai Seki Magoroku Benifuji Chef Knife 27cm

The Shun Kai Seki Benifuji 27cm Chef Knife is a durable, eye-catching blade for every kitchen. It is in the review of the best Japanese chef knives for additional reasons apart from its lovely look. The knife has a full tang, sturdy design that keeps it intact when cutting different foods. It has a triple-riveted handle that adds to its durability and stability.

The handle is made from pakka wood and provides a comfortable grip. The wood is laminated to give the knife a beautiful look and ensure water resistance for longevity. The manufacturer utilizes stainless steel in making the blade, which undergoes a unique grinding procedure that makes it smooth. The extremely sharp edge ensures seamless cutting for efficiency in the kitchen. Use the knife to mince spices, slice meat, and chop vegetables for different meals.  

Shun Kai Seki Magoroku Benifuji Chef Knife 27cm

6. Musashi VG-10 Steel Yaki-Urushi Handle Chef Knife 18cm

Musashi VG-10 Steel 18cm chef knife is a quality blade that ensures you enjoy meal preparation. It is made from VG-10 stainless steel and has a lovely finish that sets it apart from other Japanese chef knives. It also has a double-edge blade that provides superior sharpness for gliding through different food textures, smooth and tough.

The hammer dents on the edge prevent ingredients from sticking to the blade, saving you time in the kitchen. You do not have to keep detaching food from the blade. The knife is hand-forged, ensuring customers get unique blades for their kitchens. It is durable with a comfortable handle that prevents fatigue during meal preparation.

Musashi VG-10 Steel Yaki-Urushi Handle Chef Knife 18cm

In Conclusion

Japanese chef knives are worth trying out. They are thinner and more lightweight than western chef knives, ensuring precise cuts and preventing fatigue. They are easy to utilize and come in different blade lengths to suit your skill level. The above review has covered some of the best Japanese chef knives to consider purchasing for your kitchen for a change.  

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