Here's a Quick list of Great Products that F Dick Manufacturer Offers

If you're looking for a high-quality collection of kitchen knives and knife accessories, look no further than F. Dick manufacturers.

They make a wide variety of kitchen cutlery using state-of-the-art technology combined with traditional methods that have stood the test of time. Cutlery is not only about knives- but you also need to maintain and store them well.

F Dick is the only worldwide manufacturer to supply a complete selection of knives, sharpening tools, and knife storage equipment for home cooks, professional chefs, and butchers. Here are some of them.

Kitchen Knives

To be a leading supplier of knives in the global market, you have to cater to everyone's needs. You need variety, and F Dick has it. Different knife series offer different features suited to a wide variety of home and professional consumers.

Here are the main F Dick knife series:

The 1905 Series

This blend of traditional and modern design features corrosion-resistant steel blades that are highly sharpened and well balanced.

These are reminiscent of one that was designed by Friedr Dick in the year 1905. They have a securely connected bolster to protect your fingers and a gap-free connection to the handle to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times, like this F DICK 1905 Series Chef Knife 15cm.

F DICK 1905 Series Chef Knife 15cm

The 1778 Series

Designed around one of F Dick's original formulas, knives in this series feature high alloy double X VG-12 grade carbon steel with additional manganese, cobalt, and molybdenum. This adds some elasticity to the hard, thin steel and protects the blade from snapping under pressure.

With a hardness of 61 Rockwell and remarkable thinness, you're guaranteed an extremely sharp and hardwearing blade. Carbon steel tends to absorb strong odors. To prevent this, the carbon is sandwiched in between the high alloy steel.

F DICK 1778 Series Plumwood Chef Knife 24cm

F DICK 1778 Series Plumwood Chef Knife 24cm

The 1893 Series

Knives in this series feature the famous Damascus steel blade manufactured using a specially patented procedure.

It consists of different types of steel forged together in an alternate heating and cooling process and finally hammered to produce a strong, sharp, and beautifully patterned blade. The knives come with a bolster for added balance and protection.

A knife handle needs to be comfortable and firm enough to prevent you from getting tired or getting cramp when working. 1893 series handles are made with a special layered leather-like velvety material that delivers a secure, non-slip grip.

The handles are also water-resistant and not riveted or glued, so there's no danger of dampness or trapping bits of food.

The Red Spirit Series

The F Dick manufacturer makes knives in the German-style, but knives in this series combine Asian delicacy with German precision. Knives are razor sharp and extremely thin, delivering just the cut you want and preserving all the flavors.

The typically round Asian-style handle like the one in this F DICK Red Spirit Santoku Knife 18cm fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to use the knife for a long time without getting tired.

F DICK Red Spirit Santoku Knife 18cm

The Premier Worldchefs Series

A collaboration between F Dick and Worldchefs produced this high-quality knife series for professional chefs worldwide. It features a unique, hygienic nonstick coating for easy cutting and cleaning and a classy mother-of-pearl handle.

F Dick Premier WORLDCHEFS Chef Knife 26cm

F Dick Premier WORLDCHEFS Chef Knife 26cm

Sharpening Tools

Even the best knives go blunt. This shouldn't worry you, as F Dick manufactures knife sharpening tools to help you the high quality of their knives.

Sharpening Steels

Sharpening steel, or honing rod, is a long, thin rod made of steel, ceramic, or diamond-coated material that is used to realign the edge of an already sharp knife. F Dick sharpening rods, like this F DICK 1905 Series Sharpening Steel 25cm feature a long-lasting double sharpened cutting edge.

The well-balanced handle is made of water-resistant polypropylene and is gap-free to prevent dirt and food from getting trapped and becoming a health hazard. A half-bolster finger guard protects your finger from slipping towards the cutting edge while honing.

F DICK 1905 Series Sharpening Steel 25cm

Manual Sharpeners

If you're not very sure about how to use a traditional sharpening rod, try the F DICK Rapid Steel Action Set Incl Stand. It features interlocking specially coated sharpening rods mounted on a frame that you can stand on the counter and sharpen your knife on.

It has suction caps under its base to hold the stand steady on the countertop and two-finger holes for you to grip it firmly as you sharpen. To hone a knife, all you need to do is draw the blade through the rods repeatedly. It's a safer, easier, and faster method of honing a knife than the traditional sharpening steel.

F DICK Rapid Steel Action Set Incl Stand

Knife Storage

The F Dick manufacturer makes knives to last, but they need proper maintenance and storage to prevent them from getting dull constantly and having to keep being sharpened. Too much sharpening can wear out even the strongest blade.

F Dick provides different types of storage for knives, and all you need to do is pick the one that suits you most.

Knife Bags

Knife bags are useful when you don't have much storage space and don't want to mix up your knives with other kitchen utensils in a drawer. They're also great if you travel a lot and you need to take your knives along with you.

A knife bag like the F DICK ActiveCut Roll Bag Knife Starter 8 Pc Set allows you to carry 8 knives securely in individual pockets and rolled up to fit in your luggage.

F DICK ActiveCut Roll Bag Knife Starter 8 Pc Set

Knife Blocks

When it comes to knife blocks, F Dick understands that many people like to see their knives even when they're safely inside the block. Their F Dick Knife Block 4Knives (Empty) allows you to do this.

It is made of high-quality clear acrylic glass through which you can see the knife blades and differentiate one from the other. It also has magnetic strips in between the glass to hold the knives in place.

F Dick Knife Block 4Knives (Empty)

Final Words

Whether you're a butcher, a home cook, or a professional chef, the F Dick manufacturer has an unmatched range of kitchen knives and accessories that you can use to your heart's content. Go ahead and check our F. Dick Collection here!

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