Furi Santoku Knife Set

Furi is an Australian company that started in 1996 by established international chefs and Australian engineers. For the past 20 years, Furi has made uniquely designed high-quality knives that have bulldozed their way to the top of the knife market. While most knife manufacturers go for either eastern or western knife designs, Furi blends both of these to produce a unique and revolutionary design. You get the best of both worlds. Using modern technology and materials, Furi has revolutionized how people see knives. The Furi Santoku knife set is an example of one of the top Furi products, and we look more into it here.

Santoku Knives

The Santoku knife is the Japanese version of the western-style chef's knife. However, it is slightly shorter and thinner, and like all Japanese blades, lighter too.

This knife is an all-purpose knife and can be used for a wide range of tasks such as slicing, dicing, and chopping. It has a flat blade, so it can't be used for rocking on the cutting board. Still, it can make some pretty cool, thin slices of vegetables.

The Santoku sometimes has dimples along the edge of the blade forming a Granton edge. These form air pockets between the knife blade and the food which help prevent food from sticking to the blade during cutting and messing up the precision of the cut.

Furi Santoku Knife Set

The Furi Pro East/West Santoku Knife and Sharpener 3pc set

There are a number of different Furi Santoku knife sets on the market. This particular set contains:

  • East/West™ Santoku 17cm (7 inch)
  • East/West™ Santoku 13cm (5 inch)
  • Diamond Fingers™ Compact Knife Sharpener
  • Comes in an attractive acacia wood gift box.
  • East/West™ Santoku 17cm (7 inches) Knife

This knife combines the remarkable sharpness of Japanese-style knives with western strength resulting in a cross between a western cook's knife and an eastern-style vegetable chopper. It can be used for tasks like fine chopping, slicing, and dicing. The Granton edge reduces friction on the knife blade and makes slicing easier and faster.

East/West Santoku 13cm (5 inch) Knife

This is a smaller version of the 7-inch version. It has a deep blade to allow for larger cuts, but is still short enough for smaller jobs as well. The oversized handle gives extra support for heavier cuts, and its reverse-wedge handle provides a comfortable firm grip.

Diamond Fingers Compact Knife Sharpener

The Furi Santoku knife set conveniently comes with a knife sharpener, because, let's face it: even the best knives eventually go dull. Blunt knives perform poorly and compromise on quality. We don't want that. Also, using a blunt knife can lead to injury due to all the extra force you have to exert when cutting. An inadvertent slip could have serious consequences.

The Furi Diamond Fingers knife sharpener consists of interlocking finger-like sharpeners made of industrial-grade diamond, hard enough to quickly bring a dull knife to life.

All you have to do to sharpen a knife is to hold it firmly and pass it through the sharpeners at an angle of 200 about 6 times. The sharpener comes with a hand guard to protect your hand when sharpening.

For extra safety, the sharpeners are enclosed in a compact case that can be closed and stored easily. Sharpen your knives at least once a week to keep them in good shape.

Furi Santoku Knife Set

Furi Knife Design

  • Knives in the Furi Santoku knife set are designed to feel right in your hand. The wedge-shaped handle is perfectly polished and seamlessly finished, with a well-balanced weight that is just right for your hand and reduces hand-fatigue for people who use knives a lot.
  • The blade is of high-grade Japanese stainless steel. It is razor-thin but strong and sharp. It is ground and polished for a final perfectly smooth surface.
  • The blade is sharpened and honed to produce a beveled edge that's already sharp and ready to use immediately after purchase.
  • The edge is easy to maintain and you can sharpen it using the knife provided sharpener once it goes dull.
  • The bolsters are designed to be strong, sharp, and safe. The bolster thins out toward the blade, making it possible to use the entire length of the blade.
  • Furi knives are seamlessly constructed to avoid trapping pieces of food, which can breed unhealthy germs. The blade and handle merge together perfectly with no joints or cracks to hold stray bits of food and other dirt, so the knife is easier to clean. This ensures high hygienic standards for your kitchen.
  • The knife handle has a unique profile with a slot specifically designed to fit the middle finger and encourage proper use of the pinch grip. The reverse wedge design of the handle also locks the hand into place, ensuring a safer and more comfortable grip.

Care for the Furi Santoku Knife Set

  • Rather than dish-wash the knives, hand-wash them in warm soapy water, with the blade pointing away from your hands. Dishwashing the knives weakens them.
  • Dry the knives thoroughly immediately after washing to preserve their shine and prevent corrosion.
  • Sharpen knives frequently to keep them in good shape and maintain high standards of food production.
  • Store knives properly to maintain their sharpness and avoid unnecessarily blunting them. You can use a knife block or a magnetic strip for this purpose.
  • Use the knife for the right job- Avoid using the knives for purposes they are not suited for, for instance, using a Santoku for boning meat. This could end up damaging the blade.
  • Avoid using the knives for cutting frozen foods or hard seeds- The Santoku is tough, but it isn't made for such heavy-duty tasks, and using it like that would dull and probably chip the blade.

Furi Santoku Knife Set

Final Words

The Furi Santoku knife set is an Australian-made knife brand designed using the best modern technology and combining eastern and western workmanship to give you the best culinary experience.

With this high-quality knife set, you'll have fun in the kitchen and you'll always look forward to cooking. Check out our round-up of the best Furi knives available out there and take your pick.

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