Once you have several knife collections, you are going to get familiar with several knife accessories in the kitchen. The first kind is storage utility, and the usual suspects include knife blocks and wall-mounted knife boards. But there is another alternative that offers plenty of style and flexibility, and that's the knife guard.

What is a knife guard?

A knife guard is essentially a sheath or a fitting pouch for storing knife blades. It is typically made to cover the blade, which explains why most models do not cover the handle. The name knife guard is synonymously used with names like knife protector, edge protector, blade cover, and blade guard. It, however, differs substantially from a knife sheath.

Knife guards are made from various materials, including PVC, wood, leather, ABS, and Polystyrene, among others. The material is usually thick enough to prevent the knives from cutting through. It is also strong and usually food grade.

Further measures include felt lining or rubberizing the interior so that the knife stays in place once you store it in and does not slip out. Knife guards are also available in different styles and designs, so it is not impossible to find one matching your taste.

Why do you need one?

With options like knife blocks and magnetic boards, you may wonder why you need to use knife guards. However, they come in handy in many scenarios. First, blocks are not often the best option, whether it is their space taking sizes or the risk of collecting water inside and need for maintenance.

In other instances, you may not have sufficient wall space for hanging the magnetic boards. Besides, your traditional storage options could be filled up, necessitating the use of alternative options.

Only a knife guard can guarantee your blade’s safety regardless of where you store it. They prevent the blade from dulling, scratching, and from other items which can damage them. Generally, here are reasons why you should consider getting knife guards;

  • They are stylish and add quality to your kitchen.
  • They are excellent at protecting your knives during transport
  • They protect the blades from clanging with other objects
  • They also protect other items and the bags from damage by sharp knives
  • To prevent cut accidents when handling the knives  

Choosing The Right Size

Size plays an integral role in determining whether a guard is appropriate for your knife or not. First, you should be aware of the blade size in inches and ensure the guard is at least the same size or slightly larger but not too big that the knife moves about. Ideally, you want the knife to fit like a glove, and there should be no sticking points.

The shape is also helpful when picking the right size, especially for Japanese and German knives. If you want blade guards for several knives, it may help to buy one single set rather than a knife protector for each.

How to pick the right knife blade guards

Beyond picking the right size of the knife guard, here are other considerations for picking the best one for your knife.


The quality of the blade guard determines if you are getting your money’s worth. Thus, the price should match what the product offers. As standard, you want a guard that is sturdy yet gentle on the knives. The material should be abrasion resistant, and the interior rubberized or felt-lined to prevent scratching and the knife sliding out.


The material of the knife is one of the most determining aspects of a knife guard. The most common is plastic in its different iterations, including Kydex, ABS, polystyrene, and PVC. You can also have heated wood and leather. Each material has its positives and downsides while adding to the element of the style. The material may also impact the price of the guard as well as the maintenance.


Price is a factor, too, since you are working with a set budget. A lot of things impact the price, including the craftsmanship, the material, and the size. With several counterfeit or low-quality products in the market, it does help to look at the price point. You can get bargain prices on sales or go for synthetic fiber or plastic material.


It may seem an obvious thing to expect the knife guards to be fully safe. However, that is not a guarantee with each model or brand. For example, a weak leather guard means the knife-sharp points can easily rip it off. You also want a tight locking mechanism that prevents the knife from slipping off. If you are working with plastic, it should also be BPA-free and of food-grade quality.

Type of knife

The type of knife will dictate the best knife guard since you have to consider the shape and their sizes. For example, a nakiri knife will not fit in the same guard as a santoku knife since they have a different shape.

Using, Cleaning, and Maintaining a knife guard

Using a knife guard is straightforward. You just need to understand the opening mechanism of your set and the insertion points and angle. Some guards come with a slanted opening, so you have to insert the blades at an angle. Beyond that, all you have to do is ensure the whole blade is while the handle is outside and the guard is securely closed.

As for cleaning and maintenance, you will have to do much of it manually since most knife guards are not dishwasher friendly. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe the knife guard, and if there is any stain, then you can use soapy water.

Whenever you clean your guards, ensure they are dry before you store the knife inside. For pouch-like knives, use a toothbrush to access the inner areas. You must clean your knife guards regularly to protect your knives and the smooth use of the blade guards.

Where to find the best knife guards

If you are looking for the best knife guards for a professional chef or home use, you want a place that will give you variety. You have different knife guard shapes and sizes, which means you will need more guard options for your knives. At House of Knives, you are guaranteed a range of knife guards from the best manufacturers globally. We also have regular sale promotions, so you are guaranteed to buy a knife protector at a bargain price.

Some of our bestselling knife guards are;

1. F DICK Blade Guard for Max Blade Length 31cm

If you have a long knife, it can be a challenge to find a fitting knife guard for it. However, with the F DICK Blade Guard for Max Blade Length, you could fit in your longest knife. On top of its 32cm length, this blade guard features hard plastic construction for maximum protection.

F DICK Blade Guard for Max Blade Length 31cm

2. Wusthof Blade Guard Magnetic 26x5.5cm

Wusthof is a premier name in knife manufacturing, so if you have their blades, who else to trust with the right protective gear than them. It is a perfect holder for your chef knives, and its hinged operation makes it easier to open. The width is also excellent for wide blades.

Wusthof Blade Guard Magnetic 26x5.5cm

3. Tojiro Magnolia Wooden Sheath for Chef Knife 27cm

You can always trust the Japanese models for the classic designs and style as this wooden sheath demonstrates. It is also perfect for a chef knife or its Japanese counterpart, the Gyuto. It is excellent storage whether you are keeping the knife in the drawer or you are storing it in a knife case. Best of all, it is one of the knife guards on sale.

Tojiro Magnolia Wooden Sheath for Chef Knife 27cm

4. Wusthof Blade Guard Magnetic 16x2.5cm

This magnetic knife guard is perfect for most of your mid-ranged knives. It guarantees safe storage by its sturdy build, while its magnetic component ensures a tight lock so the knife cannot slip out. Its hinge setup also makes it easy to clean with the open access provided.

Wusthof Blade Guard Magnetic 16x2.5cm

5. F DICK Blade Guard for Max Blade Length 11cm

Here is another F Dick Blade guard, which at 11cm should be within the range of your small-sized knives. It is also another knife guard on sale, and with its hard plastic construction, it provides secure storage for your knife’s entire blade. You only need to slide the knife from the top of the guard, and the knife will stay in place.

F DICK Blade Guard for Max Blade Length 11cm

6. Tojiro Magnolia Wooden Sheath for Nakiri Knife 18cm

Knives like the Nakiri require their tailored guards because of their shape. This guard from Tojiro will fit any Nakiri knife measuring 18cm. The magnolia wood provides hardwood quality which is excellent when you want to carry the knife around.

The guard also comes with a small wooden pin that you remove when inserting the knife and then replace it back to secure the knife. They are available in different colors, and this guard comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Tojiro Magnolia Wooden Sheath for Nakiri Knife 18cm

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