Whether it's tempurasteaming dishes of ramen, or yakitori straight off the barbecue grill, you'll discover specialty Japanese cafes sprinkled all over Adelaide. They have master chefs and culinary gurus that attract the masses. What are the secrets behind the success of Japanese Adelaide restaurants?

The Marvel of Japanese Cuisine

Japan is a place known for old traditions, particularly in artworks where long stretches of collected information and experience are passed down from expert to disciple, from educator to student.

Japanese cooking is so unique that in 2013, UNESCO recognized it as an "intangible cultural heritage." Could the exceptionally long lifespan of people in this Far East country be linked to their cooking style? Japanese Adelaide restaurants are a chance to find out.

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8 Steps for success in Japanese cooking

If you operated a Japanese café in Adelaide, expectations would be high for your venue and what you serve. Rulesprocedures, and styles govern everything where Japanese culture is concerned. And given the cluster of many authentic Japanese food venues here, competition would be stiff.

Your Japanese kitchen strategy would look something like this:

  • Stock pantry with extensive Japanese staples
  • Acquire all hard-to-find ingredients or their substitutes
  • Get the best performing Japanese cooking tools like knives
  • Get basic Japanese knife skills
  • Understand and practice with several recipes
  • Strategize for how to manipulate heat and oil
  • Create best practices for balancing the flavors
  • Polish food presentation skills

You realize just how extensively you will need practice and study to excel in the Japanese Adelaide food business. For Japanese recipescooking secrets, and principles, there are great resources to read online.

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2 Best Japanese Knives in Adelaide

Greatness doesn't come cheap. It takes lengthy research and an understanding and even prediction of your needs in the kitchen. If you ever get a chance to visit Japanese Adelaide restaurants behind the scenes, you'll see just how every chef is an expert with their knives.

They take the time to research and find the best knives for each of their kitchen tasks. You'll encounter popular knife brands such as TojiroShunMiyabi, and others. Today, these legendary sharp knives are valued by Japanese and non-Japanese gourmet chefs alike.

1. Tojiro Pro Flash 63 Layer Damascus Knife 3 Pc Gift Set D

This set is an example of how to acquire the best Japanese knives. The set includes a utility knife for your fruits and vegetables, a chef knife for multipurpose use, and a Santoku knife for mincingdicing, and chopping.

One of the most prominent qualities of the Tojiro Japanese cooking knives is that they are made of the best steel materials for performance and durability. The VG 10 steel at their center makes them extremely hard. Despite that, they are flexible and can stay sharper for longer.

The advantage of buying Japanese knives in a set:

  • Cost savings
  • Uniform performance
  • Similar maintenance and care
  • Easier warranty follow-up


best japanese adelaide - Tojiro Pro Flash 63 Layer Damascus Knife 3 Pc Gift Set D


 Tojiro Pro Flash 63 Layer Damascus Knife 3 Pc Gift Set D

2. Shun Kai Classic Chef Knife 25cm

You can get everything else wrong but not the chef knife. It is the most in-demand knife in the kitchen. For seamless success in a Japanese Adelaide food venue, the Shun Kai Classic Chef Knife 25cm comes highly recommendable.

It's not just us. Everyone else is singing Shun's praises. Their knives feel solid and robust in hand. You get a good grip that facilitates fatigue-less cutting. The weight is just on point, whether you are cutting veggies or meat.

This is the type of knife that has made many Japanese chefs great in Adelaide. It is handcrafted and features a VG Max Core together with hundreds of Damascus steel layers. It is built to last. It delivers the goods.

Shun Kai Classic Chef Knife 25cm

Shun Kai Classic Chef Knife 25cm

Benefits of Buying the Best Chef Knife:

  • A good chef knife can make up for all the other bad knives in the kitchen.
  • The best Japanese chef knife is built with chefs in mind.
  • It can give you the versatility and performance you need for culinary success.

Further Tips for Acquiring the Best Japanese Knives

Find Japanese knives that are handmade and designed for durability and performance. Look at specific features from handle design to blade, for a slight curve where there should be non, as an example, can make or break your cooking experience.

Buy sharp knives. Knives made of low-quality steel will lose sharpness fast. Knives made of superior Japanese steel can stay sharper for longer.

You'll use less brute force when working with them. This speeds up your tasks while safeguarding you from injuries.

Don't forget the paring knife. Japanese delicacies frequently require fine small slicing of veggies and fruits, and this cutting job is impossible except with a paring knife. You will find the blades practical for de-veining shrimps, slicing garnish, and deseeding jalapenos.

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Japanese Knife Skills

To get the most value from your Japanese knives, you will need to appropriately take care of them. Below we share a few tips on how to use your kitchen knives effectively.

Choose the right knife for the job

Use a chef knife for any kitchen task. Limit the utility knife to smaller cutting jobs and the serrated knife to bread and select fruits. Using the wrong knife for a given task will mess everything up.

Hold it firmly

Hold a knife the way you would hold a dart. Grasp the bolster with your thumb and the forefinger just slightly above it. Your other three fingers should be wrapped firmly around the handle.

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You can slice anything from carrots and cucumbers to peppers, leading to a tasty and colorful salad. But how should you go about it? Hold the food with your free hand and make uniform cuts with your dominant hand. Use a cutting board and cut with the entire length of the knife.


When you chop up something, the pieces are not of the same size. An example is when preparing kales or cabbage. Use a chef's knife, holding the food with your free hand and cutting it with your dominant hand from end to end.

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Dicing leads to more delicate pieces compared to chopping. For instance, after chopping onions, you can further slice the pieces lengthwise and crosswise to produce small neat pieces.


This is producing the smallest possible pieces of food. It goes beyond dicing. After dicing, you rock back and forth or side to side with the knife to crush the food into an even consistency. Mincing is ideal for spices and dressings.

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Final Words

Japanese cooking requires the best skills and tools. Find the best knives here to ignite your success in the Japanese Adelaide food business.

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