Why You Need a Furi Knife Set in Your Kitchen

Furi Ltd is a knife manufacturing and distributing company founded in Australia in 1996. Since then, the company has grown through daring innovation and high-quality products to become the leading knife manufacturers in Australia. Not only are their products high quality, but they are also different. They pushed the envelope in knife manufacturing, departing from the norm to produce innovative knives that catered for the comfort of the user. One such product is the Furi 7 piece knife block set. The Furi knife set comes with a standard set of knives, with a few differences in the type of knife storage.

Knives in the Furi Knife Set

The Paring Knife

To pare means to cut away the outer layer or surface. This is just what the paring knife does. It's a small knife that's mostly used for peeling (paring) fruits and vegetables, or other delicate work like preparing fancy garnishes and de-veining shrimp.

Paring knives are small (about 2.5'' to 4'' long), so they can be used while held up, away from the cutting board, unlike chef knives which are too big for that.

Furi Pro Paring Knife 9cm

The East-West Santoku Knife

This is the most famous Furi knife. It's also a unique design, a merging of the best Eastern and Western knife-making techniques. It's basically a modified Santoku knife blade with its edge curved like that of a French chef's knife.

It features a deep blade for large cuts but is small enough to handle smaller cuts as well. The large handle allows for heavy cuts, while the scallops on the blade reduce friction and prevent food from sticking to the knife, saving lots of time.

Furi Pro East/West™ Santoku Knife 17cm

The Serrated Multi-Purpose Knife

As the name suggests, this knife is great for slicing through tough foods like tomatoes, sausages, baguettes, and hard cheese.

Furi Pro Serrated Multi Purpose Knife 15cm

The Utility Knife

The Furi Pro Asian Utility is designed for performanceprecision and comfort. Seen as an alternative to the western style paring knife.

The wider blade allows for greater versatility to tackle medium sized chopping tasks and yet is still nimble like the paring knife.

Scallops on the blade reduce friction and make cutting fast and easy.

Furi Pro Utility Knife 15cm

The Bread Knife

Slices without tearing. Designed with rounded serrations to stay sharper for longer.

These perfect serrations mean a smooth cut on your sourdough, rye or pane de casa.

Furi Pro Serrated Bread Knife 20cm

Diamond Fingers Sharpener

Finally, what is a set of knives without a sharpener? The Furi knife set comes with an ultra-modern sharpener that you can use to keep the knives in tip-top shape.

It has 6 sharpening fingers through which you pass the knife repeatedly to sharpen it. The sharpener hones the blade to an ideal 20o angle. And so that you don't hurt yourself while sharpening, it comes with a strong handle with a handguard to protect your fingers.

Furi Diamond Fingers™ Knife Sharpener

The Furi Knife set also comes with different knife storage items. Here are some of them:

The Furi Pro Teak Knife Block 7pc Set

This set contains the classical 7 knives stored in a sleek knife block made of high-quality stainless steel and teak.

Teak is a hardwood and one of the best woods for use in the kitchen. It is hard (of course!), so it won't get chipped or scratched when you accidentally scrape the knife block as you insert the knives in the slots. The top of the knife block is made of teak, while the rest of it is made of stainless steel.

Furi Pro Teak Knife Block 7 Pc Set

The Furi Pro Limited Edition Walnut and White Knife Block 7pc Set

Along with the standard seven knives, this Furi knife set comes with a knife block made of steel featuring a white finish and a top slotted section made of walnut. Like teak, walnut is a hardwood that will withstand the cutting edges of the knives and is easy to clean.

Furi Pro Limited Edition Walnut & White Knife Block 7 Pc Set

The Furi Pro Limited Edition Walnut and Black Knife Block 7pc

The casing of this Furi Knife set is made from steel with a black matte finish and a black walnut top section. Talk about class!

Furi Pro Limited Edition Walnut & Black Knife Block 7 Pc Set

Furi Pro Teak and Rubberwood Knife Block 7pc Set

No, this knife block is not made of rubber! Rubberwood is a light-hued hardwood well known for producing the sap that gives us rubber. Combined with teak, this is one strong knife block!

Furi Pro Teak & Rubberwood Knife Block 7 Pc Set

The Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife Set 7 Pc

This Furi knife set comes with a strong magnetic strip coated in black silicone. It is mounted on the wall and the knives attached to it by virtue of their magnetism.

It is scratch resistant and will not damage the knives. It can be mounted on tile, brick, or wood. It is 14 inches long and can hold up to 6 knives. It comes with the wall plugs and screws needed for mounting.

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife Set 7 Pc

Care for the Furi Knife Set

  • Avoid placing the knives in the dishwasher, as this will corrode the steel. Simply hand wash them in warm soapy water with the blade pointing away from you.
  • Dry the knives immediately after washing. This will prevent corrosion and maintain the shine of the steel.
  • The wooden knife blocks can be simply dried using a damp cloth. Don't put them in the dishwasher, as this will warp the wood or corrode the steel.
  • Magnetic strips are the easiest to clean- simply wipe clean using a damp cloth.

Final Words

The Furi knife set has something for everyone. From the versatile set of high-quality knives to the convenient storage blocks and racks, the Furi knife set has something for everyone.

Furi Knives

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