A Quick Guide to the Furi Knife Sharpener

When it comes time to invest in a nice set of kitchen knives, few things are going to be as crucial to procure alongside them as a high-quality knife sharpener. Knife sharpeners can greatly prolong the lifespan of your kitchen knives, allowing you to easily sharpen their blades back and restore them to their ultimate potential. However, there are so many different knife sharpeners currently available, it may be hard to pick the one that's exactly right for you. That's why we like to recommend a Furi knife sharpener.

What Is a Furi Knife Sharpener?

knife sharpener from Furi functions similarly to most other knife sharpeners that you'll be able to find on the market, just with that extra Furi power! They feature incredibly simple and easy-to-use designs, with high-quality parts that will guarantee that finest sharpening of any and all kitchen blades, whether the blades themselves are manufactured by Furi or not! Furi knife sharpeners are an excellent addition to any chef's repertoire, offering an excellent tool for keeping your kitchen knives as sharp as if they were brand new!

Why Do I Need a Knife Sharpener?

The fact of the matter is that, over time, even the highest quality kitchen knives will see at least a minor amount of dulling occurring on their blades. This can occur from simple general use and storage. Even with the best utility knives, you will likely notice that they lose their cutting power ever-so-slightly over the years, which is the reason that knife sharpeners have become so incredibly popular! With the right knife sharpener, you can sharpen your knives back to their optimal strength. A knife sharpener is a minor investment that will prevent you from having to buy a new set of kitchen knives every time your current set becomes a little dull, and you can also use it routinely to make sure that your knives are always in tip-top shape!

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Furi Knife Sharpener Instructions

Knife sharpeners may come in different shapes and sizes, but their use is always going to pretty much be the same. A knife sharpener is generally just a device that holds some kind of finely-gritted sharpening fingers made up of a material that is stronger than the metal of your kitchen knives. These finely-gritted sharpening fingers will sharpen the blade of your kitchen knife as you slide it along, greatly increasing the cutting power of the blade's edge! While you should always be sure to consult your individual Furi knife sharpener instructions, these general tips will help!

Sliding Your Blade Along the Sharpening Fingers

With high-quality knife sharpeners, such as the ones you'll find being made by Furi, you will simply take your kitchen knife and gently slide it from the bottom to the tip of the blade on the gritted sharpening fingers around 5 times. Inferior products may require more than 5 times, but a Furi sharpener should effortlessly sharpen your knife in minimal time with minimal effort. You want to be sure not to slide your blade back and forth, as this can cause damage and scratching. Simply slide from the bottom to the tip, lift the knife off the sharpening fingers, and repeat. Only the very edge of the blade (the sharp part) should be making any contact with the sharpening fingers, otherwise, once again, you'll risk damage to the rest of the blade.

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Be Sure to Wash the Blade When You're Done!

Once you've completed the sharpening of your blade, you'll want to be sure to wash the blade so as to remove any metal particulate that may have been created as a result of the sharpening. As one would expect, the sharpening can create a very fine metal dust residue that you won't want to get in your food once you're done. You may simply run it under water for a period of time, or choose to wash it a little more carefully with mild detergent. After that, all that's left is to put your knife sharpener away!

What Is the Best Furi Knife Sharpener?

Now that we've examined the benefits of a knife sharpener and how to go about using one once you get one, let's take a look at some fine examples from Furi. As we've said, a Furi knife sharpener is an excellent way to go when it comes time to purchase a sharpener for your kitchen knives, as they put the same quality and care into their amazing sharpeners as they do into their knives. Here are two great options that will likely please chefs of any caliber, and restore their knives back to their ultimate potential.

Furi Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener

This is Furi's ultimate knife sharpener, featuring a 20-degree angle that is ideal for sharpening all sorts of edges on all sorts of blades. It includes 6 sharpening fingers with a strongsturdy handle featuring a hand guard to ensure that you'll never have to accidentally experience just how sharp your kitchen knives have become by slicing your fingers!

This Furi knife sharpener can be used to both sharpen and tone all types of knives, with stainless steel sharpening fingers that are coated with crushed industrial-strength diamonds. For those who don't know, diamonds are one of the strongest materials known to man, and they can make quick and easy work of any and all metals, including the extra strong and durable metals that Furi uses to craft the blades of their kitchen knives. With this sharpener, you can achieve professional results the easy way.

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Furi Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener

Furi Diamond Fingers Compact Knife Sharpener

This is the compact version of the Diamond Fingers knife sharpener, and features much of the same functionality in a slightly reduced and smaller package. It feature the same 20-degree angle that is ideal for knives of all shapes and sizes, and the same crushed diamond coating that makes easy work of any and all types of knife blades. It's even more compact and portable than it's bigger brother, which makes it the perfect accessory for those with smaller kitchens, minimal needs, or chefs on-the-go who need to pack up and carry their equipment around with them.

Furi Diamond Fingers Compact Knife Sharpener

Furi Diamond Fingers Compact Knife Sharpener


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